Monday, January 12, 2009

Basement Flooring is in Fashion, Go Get It

There was a time when basements used to be very dark places, where one could easily stored old equipment, toys, and any other belongings that were not used on a frequent basis. Most of the unused materials were found here. This is also one of the reasons why nobody really cared about the flooring in these basements. The usual basement flooring would be dark, and made of cement slab and had no tiles on it. The whole idea was that, if it is not used then, there need not be too many expenses on the basement flooring.

However, the whole scene changed just some time ago, when people started considering the basement flooring very seriously. It started being considered as part of the house, and so it was important to have a good flooring in the basement. Slowly the basement started getting more attention, and the wall started getting painted and the flooring was being repaired in most of the houses. Not only the walls, but the flooring also started looking good. The basement is not considered as a significant part of the end that house. In some cases, people are also inviting their friends and relatives to go to the basement as a place of relaxation. Some have even fitted TVs, sofas and stereos in their basement. Some of the rich people have even added a pool table and some other games to their basement.

Just like the expression that clothes make the man, the interior decoration makes the house. This is known to everybody, and that is the reason people are nowadays, taking extra precaution to ensure that the houses look neat and tidy. The basements are not spared either. As there are no windows in the basements, the flooring would be the main element that needs attention. And therefore there is a tendency to spend more on the basement flooring as that would be the only expense that is visible to the visitors

Let us not take a look at the different types of basement flooring that are available in the market:

The basement can be designed according to specifications and just like any other room in the house. There are many choices available days in terms of basement flooring. It is not like the old days, any more, where people used to stick to one type of flooring only. Here are some of the choices available:

1. The best option would be laminate flooring. This is available in a variety of colors and designs and is relatively easy to maintain. You do not have to take a lot of care in the case of laminated flooring. It is also easy to install and can be gleaned by using general mopping and sweeping. Stains and dirt are easy to wipe on this type of flooring.

2. Carpet is also a good option of flooring your basement. There are many colors and qualities available in carpet flooring as well. You may have to maintain this ever flooring by regular dusting or using a vacuum cleaner. There is some effort involved in the maintenance of this type of flooring. The good thing is that this ever flooring adds a formal touch to your basement.

3. The next option is to go for Hardwood flooring. These are available in different colors, and there is also an option of cheaper prices and variety. However, there are some problems with Hardwood flooring. The maintenance is difficult and my needs to be very careful while using this ever flooring for the basements. It may not be an easy job to prevent any scratches from occurring on this type of flooring. So the best option would be to go for the first two choices unless you are ready to be extra cautious in the maintenance of Hardwood flooring. You may also want to find out how to install parquet flooring if you intend to go for that type of flooring.

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