Friday, January 16, 2009

Beauty markers

Beauty markers

By Jennifer Campbell

Back in the olden days, one of my favourite times of year was shopping for school supplies. Nothing could quite top that new-notebook smell. Somehow, ordering Post-its from the Grand & Toy catalogue (my current m.o.) doesn’t have the same nerdy thrill. However, I recently came across a couple of products that sate my need to fill a pencil case.

Nicole by OPI’s Nic’s Sticks ($10, at select drugstores) are polish pens filled with eco-friendly colours that I would have killed for back when I was in my best friend Jodie’s room painting my nails five different colours. I think I’ll relive the glory days in “Form One Lime” green and “Two-Minute Makeover” silver. You can try them all on virtually at

The neutral/berry shades of CoverGirl’s new lipstick markers—officially Outlast Lipstain (shown, $10, at drugstores)—may be grown up, but you can still have fun with them. P&G’s makeup guru, Pat McGrath (who we would totally invite to our next slumber party) suggests putting a bit of gloss on top to dress them up. But we just love that they’ll last through the Doritos and Jolt Cola.

Photography by Nicole Stafford

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