Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Victoria's Secret Finally Gets Exposed


For years women have wondered what Victoria's Secret really was, but now it is finally time to expose the famous secret. Since Roy Raymond, who was originally opened up the first Victoria's Secret store, opened his first store in the San Francisco area in 1977, women all over the world have wanted to know the secret.

Lingerie stores all over the world owe a great debt of gratitude to originator of Victoria's Secret, Roy Raymond, who started his first store for the same reasons many lingerie buyers can relate to thirty years down the road. It seems he felt embarrassed trying to purchase lingerie for his wife in public and he felt awkward in department stores. Sadly, many would say that the atmosphere he tried to create, which was a comfortable environment for men with wood paneled walls, Victorian details, and helpful sales staff, has only resulted in public and awkward stores in malls.

The debt of gratitude owed to Victoria's Secret, which was purchased by Limited Brands in 1982 is that Victoria's Secret did succeed in creating a dramatic change in the publics perception about under garments, lingerie, bras and panties. Think back to the days before Victoria's Secret, and you must agree that the lingerie foundation business was well rather boring. Almost single handedly Victoria's Secret changed the environment in which lingerie was sold, such as places like Sears Roebucks and Company as well as J.C. Penney's and calling it sexy was a stretch.

Women wore lingerie, bras, panties, and foundations prior to Victoria's Secret, but it was not particularly appealing to look at as the primary colors were nude and black and white. The lingerie departments of that era were much like they are today, but many had women in uniforms selling bras, panties, girdles, and robes and had an unforgiving attitude to many men who dared venture into their territory.

If all Victoria's Secret gave us was colorful lingerie, that would be an accomplishment, but Victoria's Secret actually brought to the United States market what most of Europe had experienced for many years. Many people think the finest lingerie comes from France, Italy, and other parts of Europe and they are generally correct. What existed prior to Victoria's Secret was the United States version of lingerie, which was largely bland, colorless, and not particularly comfortable or fashion forward. Through marketing genius, evolution of women's needs and desires and the use of visual media, Victoria's Secret tapped an emerging market.

In 2007, Victoria's Secret is a household name as the mention of the name in public is not linked to anything private or shameful. The company which posted sales of five billion dollars in 2006 is a large presence in the retail market in the United States, not to mention being the big dog on the porch in the intimates market. Due to its clever use of emerging and mainstay fashion models, Victoria's Secret has sculpted a sexy, youthful, and safe image considering it is selling bras, panties and sexy underwear. Some of the most well known and beautiful female models have walked down the runway for Victoria's Secret, such as Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Stephanie Seymour, Karolina Kurkova, and Gisele Bundchen, who are just a few that have glided down the runway in their panties and bras.

The stores he founded led an evolution in women's intimate apparel and exposed sexy underwear to millions and the atmosphere helped start opened up the sale of lingerie to malls across the world. To the extent that Victoria's Secret met Roy Raymond's stated goals they deserve enormous credit. Where the evolution stopped was in creating an atmosphere where men, women, and couples can purchase sexy lingerie, erotic clothing, plus size lingerie, and even sexy shoes in a non threatening environment.

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