Monday, January 12, 2009

Urban Style Fashion for Children and Babies

From baggy pants, over-sized tee's, all the way to fedoras and platinum jewelry the urban fashion trend has become one of the most popular for teens, and children of all ages. The urban dress originated with African American youth in Bronx, and was later influenced by the hip-hop scenes taking place in LA, all the way to Chicago. Every city involved has helped urban fashion to evolve into your every-day fashion statement.

Urban fashion is now taking the clothing of adults all the way through infants, and children by storm. Many companies are now offering sassy hoodies, tees, baggy pants, and shoes, right down to the more elaborate "bling" of rhinestone encrusted tee's that simulate massive jewelry worn by popular hip-hop artists. However, not all parents are comfortable with their infant dressing completely in the urban style. There are ways to get a little flavor in their clothing, without going too over the top. You can find plenty of sassy onesies with catchy phrases such as "Urban baby", "My mom's a fox","Urban smalls", and "Urban babies wear black" allowing the little one to sprout in the world of fashion without going over-board.

Or are you looking for something a little dressier, over the top for those family pictures? Try throwing any old suit jacket over that urban tee on your little man, along with a pair of dark-wash jeans, and those snazzy sneakers and he will be set to go to any hip-hop party, or pictures with grandma. Generally, children's clothing is inspired by the adult fashion trends of today, however you are not limited to simply what the mass-markets offer you to purchase. Quite on the contrary, with a little imagination and some elbow grease you will have some quirky, and one of a kind threads for your tike to sport with pride. Some online retailers even offer customizable tee's and onesies that cut the work in half.

Another popular trend with the urban culture, is wearing the logo's of your favorite teams, or representing your state such as "Brooklyn, New York" tees and onesies. While you are choosing the clothes, don't forget accessories are an important part of the urban fashion. From baseball caps, to belts to synch those too-baggy pants from falling off the diapered rump of your child. Soon, you will have your half pint hipster dancing away to those hip hop beats in their urban fashion trends.

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