Monday, January 12, 2009

From USB Flash Drive to Fashion Accessory

Human nature is as such, it always looks for multi-utility of things, same holds true for USB flash drives that are currently pacing up more as a fashion accessory. The USB flash drives have doubled up serving for storage and fashion simultaneously. The USB 'fashion' drives today are made from Swarovski crystal, gold, diamonds, platinums and probably everything that you can imagine of.

Fashion drives are mostly popular among woman, take for instance Philips-Swarovski crystal USB flash drive that are trimmed in silver and prominently feature a multitude of glimmering Swarovski crystals. You can choose from the collection of the Heart Ware and Heart Beat models feature heart-shaped pendants which open to reveal the USB connector.

Then you have the Lock In and Lock Out models that can be attached to a keychain and are crafted as one piece accordingly. Similarly Coolkii launched the Ultim Kii and Fashion Kii, two very blingy devices competent enough to draw the fashionistas' attention. These were actually pendants can be worn in lanyard or neck chord.

But when you are looking for a fashionable USB drive, don't be too much demanding since they are really short of any major change in technical specification with capacity being mostly 1 or 2 GB.
Pretec is another manufacturer that is demonstrated USB flash drive fashion accessories based on patented CU-Flash technology, at Computex 2005 in Taipei where CU-Flash is about one tenth the size of a typical USB flash drive. The accessory included Pretec ear-rings based on CU-Flash technology which was displayed by the staff.

Other range of Fashion []USB flash drives includes fashion Watch USB Flash Drive wrist bands, bracelets, necklace etc.

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