Monday, January 12, 2009

Spring Fashion Forecast - 5 Dresses That Make This Season Sexy

In the fashion world, spring is extremely exciting. Much like nature, the runway is filled with brilliant colors that call to mind the excitement of the season. While for many, the winter was filled with sweaters and pants, the spring brings visions of fancy frocks and flirty sun dresses. Whether it's bright and playful or vibrant and sultry a dress can take you from morning to night with little effort. This season we saw a bold new look at clothing and dresses weren't left out of the mix. Here are 5 styles that are making a big impression on dresses this season.


The spring is time for a renewal of life. Flowers bloom, grass turns green, and our moods improve. What better way to welcome spring in than to wear it? Dresses are budding with blossoms in bright and vibrant colors that are sure to lighten even the darkest spring day. This floral influenced frocks are great for a stroll in the sun or even a flirty night out on the town. Look for patterns that showcase your favorite flower to really bring you're personality to the table.

Art Inspired

What can act as a better canvas than the female body. Designers really worked with that idea and thanks to their innovated ideas there is a wide assortment of dresses that embrace all types of art. From the bright and the bold to the soft yet stunning there is a dress that will fit you're personality. These dresses aren't for the shy. Wearing art on your body takes commitment so wear it with confidence. They are terrific for a show stopping look so keep them of those special occasions when all eyes are on you.


Transparent clothing has always held a hanger in the world of women's fashion and now it's making a forceful appearance in the form of spring dresses. This year's dress trend is sheer and sexy. Worried about just how much you'll be leaving exposed? Transparent trends of the season aren't over exposing or lacking taste and class. Instead, designers have combined layer and layer of sheer fabrics to create a subtle yet super sexy look.

Feminine Frills

Ruffles, lace, and frills are all making their way into the spot light creating a very feminine flirty feel to you're typical spring dress. This season dresses will be adorned with ruffles from the hemline to the neckline and everywhere in between. This particular style makes for the perfect date dress and can be sexy without over doing it. Pair it with a simple yet classy pair of heels and a tote or clutch and you'll be ready to take on the night.

Single Shoulder Strap

Women who are sick of the ever popular spaghetti strap will be excited to know that you have another option this spring. While there has always been a version of the single shoulder strap dress among the mis, this spring it's taking center stage. These sexy shoulder showing dresses are terrific for those of you who couldn't be bothered with accessories since by sheer design they do best when simply adorned.

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