Monday, January 12, 2009

Leather Baby & Children's Clothes

From Bikers to pop culture fanatics, there is nothing more stylish & classic than that of the leather jacket. This classic material has somehow managed to find a place in virtually every culture and generation throughout history, in one form or another. These days, you don't see it much anymore with the exception of baby boomers and bikers. However, in California and other high profile celebrity type regions, leather is making a come back, though not necessarily where it would have been expected to come from.

Lately, leather children's clothes seem to be the "in" thing in the fashion world. We are seeing wave after wave of celebrity and stylish children showing up in jackets, pants, and a variety of other garments. The newest rage is that of leather apparel for babies & toddlers. All the major celebs and in crowds are getting pictures taken for magazines with their children decked out in various biker inspired garments.

The intriguing aspect of this is, the fad is growing on a steady rise but hasn't made it so far that it has become old-hat. The parent that truly wants their child to be cutting edge in fashion and style will jump on this opportunity to be the first to dress their baby to the max in leather.

Leather & black accessories are also becoming popular in the baby and toddler crowd. Little infant or child sized black leather belts are the ultimate thing to complete the outfit. You can buy them with studs or other accents. Complete the look off with a black bandana.

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